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Week 15: Dieste Journal Site

Thank you for your dedication to the 2020 Dieste Building Shop. I can confidently say that the first 8 weeks of the semester were a clear demonstration of why I’m fascinated by Dieste’s work. The last four weeks have reinforced how important Dieste's work is in my teaching. As you all know, for me, Building …


Week 12: Reading Discussion

Thank you for participating in a thoughtful discussion of Eladio Dieste’s, “Architecture and Construction”. Include any significant observations from tonight’s conversation in your journals.

Week 12: Reading Discussion

“Architecture and Construction” by Eladio Dieste. Reading available on Box>Download>References and Readings Thursday, April 2 at 5:30pm Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 709 275 791 I’m very excited about discussing Eladio Dieste’s “Architecture and Construction” in depth. Please ask questions. This writing is a series of spoken reflections by Dieste. I think a lot of …

Week 11: Box Folders

We will discuss the updated organization of the Bldg Shop’s Box Folder during today’s Zoom meeting. Sp20_Arch 461-561_Dieste Bldg Shop Upload Folder Team Folders Team Folder Post-Spring Break Folder Individual Folders for Sketchbook/Journals